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Default Wild Arms 2 20-4

I say to thee: neener neener.

“That would have been a great time to go super saiyan, Ashley.”
“I know. Sorry. Forgot my hair dye.”

Caina basically requires healing every turn from one of your support squirts, but, otherwise, this isn’t a very difficult battle. Keep Ashley on the offense, power up to Knight Blazer when available, and let the kid have it.

Caina also counters often, so if Lilka and Tim aren’t doing much damage, it’s best to keep them exclusively on support.

The biggest threat in this battle is completely arbitrary: Caina can use a move that inflicts a random status attack. Poison is a big fat who cares, but sleep can be annoying. If Ashley, your main attacker, gets confused, though, that’s going to ruin your day. Keep on the pressure, though, and the battle should be over before you know it.

Be sure to see a physician if your mental convergence breaks.

So Caina whines a bit and teleports away. I see Odessa has a protocol for losing battles.

He said to dead air.

Caina might be gone, but the Emulator Zone is still here. I mean, of course it is, we haven’t gone through that one door yet.

If you’re hurting from the previous battle, you’ll want to temporarily retreat and save at the train. If not, lay on, MacTim.

Time for Emulator Zone Part 2: Teleporter Maze. I hate everything and everyone.

The first area of this section is basically two rooms with weird, staggered pathways. You can see that in this room you can go up and down stairs to the right, but you have to drop off a ledge of no return to the left.

But even if you fall, you can pop around on purple diamond teleporters and find your way back up… though maybe not in the exact same room. If that sounds confusing, that’s because it is, and I hate it.

And then we get to this nonsense. These are a series of staggered platforms, and you have to choose the right teleporters to make your way up toward a doorway.

Technically, you are teleporting between different rooms (I think three different rooms, but I’m not paying enough attention to this hateful nonsense to confirm), so it’s not just a matter of aiming for a destination and hoping the teleporters get you closer. You have to think fourth dimensionally.

And, as if you had any doubt, there are useless random battles to break your concentration.

Finally made it to one “big” exit.

Some giant translucent crystal is keeping this place going.

Welp, anybody got a bomb on their neck to blow this sucker up? (Too soon!)

Ashley says to try something, but then doesn’t do anything. Useless neophyte leadership.

But Tim can do something! Use the Air Ballet to shove over a block…

And that looks like we’re making progress. Only two more blocks to go!

And to reach those blocks, we have to navigate the stupid tiered teleport maze at least another two times. I hate these things. Have I mentioned that yet?

Made it to the second block pretty easily.

But the third block…

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