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Default Wild Arms 2 19-5

Really? We have like six other ways to destroy this base. Tim can still summon gods, Ashley.

Brad has a bazooka! And a missile launcher!

And he could probably punch this place to death.

And hes got a bomb on his neck that he can never remove.

Wait! Thats the worst plan!

Oh, good, the Dopple Bros are back in action.

Somewhere in there, I guess someone noted that Eat My Dust only could only blow up the floor or something (this absolutely never happened). Being at ground zero for Brads newest blast wont do your internal organs any favors.

Dammit! Stop trying to be Billy! Or maybe Brad!

Dont worry, guys, my neck explodes all the time.

Sayonara, space cowboy.

Im not crying, youre crying, Lilka.
No, Im not.

Brad is walking away really slowly.

Not pictured: Ashley and company having to walk backwards through that whole stupid dungeon.

It sure happened a lot in Final Fantasy 4.

If youre going to explode, at least do it in the proper exploding room.

He was stopping a bomb, Brad. You are a bomb.

Meh, Im sure Brad will be fine.

Juuuuuust fine.

Gonna come out of there aaaaaany minute.

Probably just in the bathroom. Hell be back soon. Real soon. He probably escaped, and it was a different bomb that


Maybe he

Oh. Brad is dead now.

Meet the new ARMS, now with a much lower average age.

Irving? God.

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