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Default Wild Arms 2 19-3

This is some scintillating conversation.

How about this door?

Ugh. So boring. Be interesting, random dudes!

Aaaaand we’re back in the central room. Guess we just did a lap around the place.

And the central exit is a door with a voice lock. Only Antenora can open this giant vault of a room? Okay, let’s go steal someone’s voice.

After dodging an infinite number of orbs.

Seriously? Are any of these door conversations going to be at all worthwhile?

How about this door…

Recorder, eh? Of course, we’re not allowed in the room.

In typical JRPG logic, we have to go listen to a bunch of stupid conversations again until we get…

There, an excuse for these losers to get out of their damn rooms.

Now the majority of the doors are unlocked and unoccupied, and we can sneak in to grab…

This is not a flute.

Now we double back to the Antenora door…

Listen in on her being a jerk to some poor clod…

Let the game remind us exactly what we’re doing…

Use the damn recorder…


Antenora’s voice is +2 attack and +10 defense.

Now back to the giant door…

Is Cocytus her rank or last name? Stupid door.

Ashley is sad he found a way to outwit an extensive security system.

Hey! I know this spot! We’re in the cutscene place! We are in Odessa’s base! Cool!

Ashley knows this because he has energy reactor detecting powers.

Who should appear behind the door that opens only for Antenora but Antenora!

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