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Default My final rule set! If you can play test please do!

Originally Posted by The rules

A game for two players


52 card deck - Jokers removed


Each player is trying to "build up" their "base" while tearing down their opponent's. The first player to build up to exactly 25 points wins.


Each player is dealt a hand of cards, 5 cards each. The remaining cards are placed face down and become the resource pile. Flip a coin to see who goes first. Players will play cards from their hands in front of them building up their base. Various actions will cause cards to be discarded. Discarded cards are put in a face up pile next to the draw pile and are the heap.


On their turn a player may perform one of the following actions:

- Draw a card from the resource pile and put it in their hand
- play a card from their hand into their base
- play a card from their hand as an action effect
- play a card from their hand as a permanent effect.

The turn then passes to the other player.

If the resource pile runs out, then instead a player may draw a card from the heap or pass (do nothing that turn). The heap is runs out or if there are three consecutive passes the game ends in a draw.

Card Types

There are two categories of cards: build cards and action cards

1. Build cards - 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
Build cards are worth their face value. They are played in one of two ways:
- a build card placed in a players own base area. These cards add up to create your base total. When they add up to exactly 25 the player wins the game.
- a build card placed in the other players base area destroy their cards. This action is taken to remove a card from the other players base area. The card you play must be higher in value than the card you are removing, or equal in value with a higher suit. Suits are ranked from lowest to highest clubs<diamonds<spades<hearts.
Example: a Four of Spades can destroy Four of Diamonds or a Three of Hearts but not a Four of Hearts.
Destroyed cards are placed in the heap.
Reminders left over may be added to the base of the player who destroyed a card.
Example: Player A plays their 7 of spades to destroy Player B's 5 of clubs. They add two points to their base total. Signify this by putting the two cards face down in Player A's base area.
2. Action Cards - Ace, Jack, Queen, King
Ace - Reduce the point total of base cards you need to win. Place the Ace in your base area to keep track of this effect
1 Ace - player wins when they have 25 or more in their base
2 Aces - 21 points or more to win
3 Aces - 17 points or more to win
4 Aces - 14 points or more to win
Jack - Place all base cards into the heap. This effects both players
Queen - Draw two cards from the resource pile and add them to your hand OR make your opponent discard two cards at random
King - Transfer control of a base card. A base card may be transferred more than once. Place the King behind the card to keep track of transfers place all base cards into the heap. This effects both players


Tens - Players may play the eight card in their base to make their opponent play with their hand revealed. Play the card horizontly in your base to notify this. Players may play an eight card to destroy this effect.

Jokers - Joker card may be added to the deck. When played players will swap hands.
I think there is the base of something interesting here. Just need to play test it more. If you have the time please do and let me know what you think!
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