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Originally Posted by Octopus Prime View Post
Huh, I always wondered about why a snake-encrusted wizard staff meant "hospital".
It's not tough to figure out if you just apply a little critical thinking

The sort of wizard who might run a hospital would obviously be a practitioner of healingk magicks, right? They're well-suited for his line of work but leave him with few options for dealing with snakes, whereas a sorcerer trained in the ways of offensive blackk magick is just waiting for some cheeky snake to try crawling up his staff. He could zap it with lightning bolts, burn it to asp-ash, freeze it in a blizzard or drop a meteor on it. Pretty soon snakes figure out they're barking up the wrong tree and learn to keep their distance.

But what's a Magus Doctor (M.D.) going to do when they come calling? Heal the snakes? Cure them of poison in case they bite themselves? They love that shit. They tell their friends. Pretty soon the poor bastard can't even get the snakes off his staff long enough for someone to sketch it for a cool logo, so he's like "fuck it, just leave the fucking snakes in," and history is made.

And now you know... the rest of the story.
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