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Also, for good or ill, Devilman is chock full of Go Nagai's raw id and contempt for society's vices and inhumanity. It's gross, violent, hypersexual, and psychosexual. It's filled with equal parts condemnation (of humanity's sins), frustration (towards a society bent on a spiral of corruption) and hope (that it's not too late to change course), and it uses extremely graphic imagery to get its point across. It's not a manga I would recommend in any way (and Devilman Lady and Devilman Grimoire make it look family-friendly), but it's fascinating to see how Nagai deals with his, ahem, demons and how he lashes out at his contemporary culture so unabashedly.

I would prefer Vertical to handle it, since they tend to understand the ethos of the problematic material they publish, and handle it accordingly. But Devilman's prurient side kinda... fits right in with Seven Seas too.
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