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I was away on vacation in Ottawa last week, and I always make it a point to try and eat as much yummy food that I can't get at home as possible, and while the usual highs (sushi buffet, curry, Ethiopian) were all delicious, the best thing that I had all week was, much to my surprise, a taco.

We went to a taco and tequila bar, and while the chorizo taco and lamb taco were both delicious, the Taco del Norte was the best taco that I've ever eaten by a large margin (an endorsement possibly coloured by the fact that I'm Canadian, and Mexican food, even the Americanized kind, is almost non-existent up here, so I haven't eaten much of it). I wish I knew/could remember what the hell was in it. Beef and raisins for sure, but I'm not sure what else. I had been putting the delicious basil & pineapple hot sauce on my other tacos, but adding anything to this one would have been a crime.

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