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Originally Posted by The Raider Dr. Jones View Post
there's only one

I'd go straight for those, but I'm relatively certain they don't have Mt. Olive around here...

Incidentally, I'd love to know what kind of pickles they use at Quiznos. Those are my absolute favorites, and when eating there was possible (it's tough when they keep closing down), I'd fill up a couple of those little dipping type cups with them to take with me.

Originally Posted by Torzelbaum View Post
I hear hot chicken is usually served with pickles. But no mayo. And I don't know if you like spicy things.

Really? I've never picked up any pickle flavor from their chicken.
Aye, I'd love to try that stuff, especially since KFC started pushing it, but as far as I know, it's nonexistent up here. I think I heard it's more bold and flavorful than hot (though not without heat), so while I generally avoid super-spicy stuff, I'd want to at least give that a shot.

That said, their Georgia Gold Honey Mustard BBQ chicken sounds even more appealing to me.
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