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The last time I ate at a Hardees' was when they were in their big expansion to try and match McD's and Burger King by offering actual breakfast junk and fried chicken.

True to form, my mother and I were curious (this was back in HS for me) and tried out the fried chicken only to get mild food poisoning for our troubles. This is also basically the same story with Arby's, only substituting the chicken tenders for anything else on the menu.

"Hey Bob*, that shit smells nasty, why are we eating here again?"

"That girl I'm interested in works here."


"Look, just shut up and pick something alright?"

Bob ate a terrible smelling roast beef sandwich and came out fine the other end, I ate chicken tenders and ended up missing three days of school. And the girl in question already had a boyfriend.

*names changed to protect the not-terribly innocent.
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