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Originally Posted by Umby View Post
Huh, that's odd. I've always heard the word pronounced "eh-met", and as far as I know there's no equivalent to a "th" sound from English. How come you're spelling it "Emeth"?
More than one romanization system exists for Hebrew. Using a "th" to romanize hebrew doesn't mean you're making the English "th" sound.

The roman alphabet used by English isn't tied primarily to English sounds. Many languages use the same roman alphabet to create totally different sounds. For languages not primarily written in roman characters, there are frequently competing romanization systems that exist parallel to each other for different purposes.

For example, one system might be more linguistically consistent, while another might be more intuitive for a non-expert but obscure important linguistic information. A linguist writing an academic paper would probably use the former, but a government creating signage for tourists might use the latter.

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