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Default Biblenauts

Sprite got a webcomic?!?!

I figure at least some folks here will be interested in this. It's a comic I've been wanting to do for a long time, one which explores the Hebrew Bible in satirical comic strip format, and doesn't pull punches. From my About Page:

The Bible stands as one of the most important literary collections in history. Religions and cultures have risen and fallen on the strength of its pages. Millions have pledged their lives to it without even needing to read it. It’s just that neat.

Biblenauts is a comic about two kids trapped in the Bible. Together with their quirky guide, they’ll witness the adventures of the story of Israel. Experience the Bible in a way you never have before, unless you have already read the Bible, in which case the jokes are still pretty good.

Biblenauts updates every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
I'm planning to explore some of the more upsetting stories as well, stories which don't often see adaptation, so please look forward to/watch out for that. Also, here's the first page:

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