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One thing that is kinda neat about Wing, especially as a show for younger folk is that it makes an effort to provide an understanding to all the villain's motives and also gives all of them a redemption. Noin gets hella redemption, Krushnada helps fight against crazy Zechs and crazy Zechs was not so crazy beforehand and only goes wild because... Uh... I can't remember why but I'm sure the show justifies it. Zechs also tries to prevent a lot of peeps from dying at the end, if I remember correctly, but I watched the show at 1.1 to 1.25 times speed so it is very clear I did not care too much. It's a really bad stab at a grey morality, but I can respect that Wing tried.

I've now seen (Almost) all of Gundam! Here are the exceptions:

- G-Saviour
- Gundam EVOLVE
- Gundam-san
- The newest and surely shit episode of Origin
- Gunpla Builders Beginning G
- Any SD Gundam stuff but whatever I don't really care about that

I began this quest almost a year ago. I don't know if I'll follow through with, like, EVOLVE or Gundam-san but I'll probably watch the rest (Other than SD).
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