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08th MS Team is a good time. You saved a good 'n for last.

Meanwhile I just caught up on all the recent Gundam stuff airing...

Twilight Axis is pretty, but man this is such a clip show of something I guess you might have a hope of understanding if you've already read whatever manga/novel/hobby magazine stuff it's based on... but otherwise probably best to just give up trying to parse what's going on.

Thunderbolt, otoh, actually has a few plot threads coming together even though it's still pretty sparse. No Atlas Gundam in the latest ep, but the advance Acguy shenanigans were pretty dang fun.

Build Fighters Battlogue is even *more* of a paper-thin excuse for AU dream matches and new model kits than the original series, which is kind of an impressive feat really, but it's fun for what it is.
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