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Earlier this summer I went to the Jack Daniels distillery. I have never partaken in whiskey before, we bought a bottle of their Tennessee Fire and I've been enjoying it slowly. Actually really good and the spicy kick feels like a Goldilocks situation where it isn't too much or too little but just right.

I'm still enjoying some sour beers/Goses. As usual the Illinois local beer Destihl makes some great sours, just recently tried both the Blueberry Gose and the Lynnbrook, liked the Blueberry a lot and Lynnbrook only some. Off Color Brewing does some collaborations with the Field Museum here in Chicago, including one I'm going through now that's Chicha de Molle inspired ale called Wari. Pretty awesome stuff that tastes like beer with some sour fruit in it, hard to describe!

I was also lucky enough to take a trip to Cincinatti and discovered Rhinegeist beer. Sadly it isn't sold in Chicago, but they make a whole range of some pretty great beers which I got to try a flight of at their distillery. My favorite was Press Tart, a collaboration with a nearby arcade bar that's a fruit beer, but the Peach Dodo, Semi Dry Hard Cider, and Bubbles were all great too.
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