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Fort Adamant

  • Hero Support: Yes (General Armstrong, EMP Cannon, Training Facility)
  • Hero Disruption: No
  • Field Damage Modifiers: Yes (Training Facility)
  • Villain Acceleration: No
  • Hostile Targets: Yes (Bionic Patroller, Codename: Char, Codename: Highbrow, Codename: Radioactivist)
  • Indiscriminate Field Damage: Yes (Codename: Char, Aggressive Volunteering)
  • Alternate Loss Condition: No

Maybe this is just me, but it's a little weird that we're only now at the very end of the game's development before we get a military base environment. I guess it's not as common a fixture in comics as it is in video games, and they had priorities in other places first. Anyway Fort Adamant isn't too mean, it has some rude fighters and some helpful stuff. I'd rate it on the whole about the same as Insula Primalis, as a place you can go that will mean the environment generally does things, but won't really hassle you too much.

Good Strategies:
  • Card Draw: Two main reasons for this one. First, the EMP Cannon is super handy to have for the entire team, and discarding to fuel its attacks merits keeping up. The second is that the Blast Doors are the only built in method of environment control, and while they provide a consolation single card draw to keep you from losing most of your turn, they still want you to discard your hand, and a lot of it, to do what it does. Make sure you have a good way to keep your hand size big and meaty. (Shout out to Haka, who can pretty much ignore the cost on the Blast Doors with Dominion.)
  • Leaving Villain Minions Alive: Hey guys, what do we do in environments that pick on lowest health targets indiscriminately? Exactly: we let them eat the tasty hostile villain targets and keep out of their way. Hell, Codename: Highbrow will happily cannibalize the environment if given half a chance. Plus, there's enough area attacks, plus environment turn end power uses from Training Facility, that even if someone isn't around to explicitly take down the small fries, they'll usually end up biting the dust anyway.

Bad Strategies:
  • Damaging Environment Targets: For some heroes, and some environments, it's usually more efficient to just smack the environment's threats in the face until they go away. This isn't as reliable in Fort Adamant for a lot of reasons, including Doctor Demikahv's indestructibility, Codename: Highbrow's regeneration, and Codename: Radioactivist building up damage whenever attacked. You still have environment destruction effects, plus the benefit of Blast Doors if you really think you can handle it. Use them, silly.
  • Environment Deck Control: Usually, if I recommend against deck control, it's because the deck in question usually just has crazy-huge acceleration built in, and that's certainly a factor of Fort Adamant for sure. There's a lot of that here and it's not easy to stop all of it at once. Aside from that, though, is that the Blast Doors not only destroy all the environment cards if you have 3 cards in hand, but they let you block environment card plays with even a single card. And really, if you're that low, why not just stall out the environment this way anyway?

Notable Cards
  • Doctor Demikahv: Absolutely vicious accelerator for Fort Adamant, and a sure sign that things are about to get worse. That said, she isn't quite as terrifying to dispose of as she seems at first. Remember, anything that destroys all environment cards can get to her after getting all of the Subjects out of the way. And that's without taking into account that you can deal her damage before she becomes destructible, so that destroying the last Subject instantly trashes her. (Plus, she'll happily facetank Codename: Highbrow's attacks for you.)
  • General Armstrong: In contrast, this guy is going to do everything he can to take the heat off of the environment for you. If he had any two of the effects on his card that would be enough, but he just does it all: protecting the heroes from environment damage, accelerating their card draw (much welcomed in Fort Adamant) and attacking weak villain targets. About the worst thing I can say is that he might finish off a villain target that Codename: Highbrow was going to hit anyway, forcing her to direct more attention to less desirable targets.
  • The Foundry: The other main accelerator for the deck. Although slightly less mean than Doctor Demikahv, particularly because it doesn't do a lot if a Subject is the card played, it does combo with her in a really aggravating way. Destroying a Subject heals her as well as all the others, and if all of the Subjects are already out, you're looking at three environment card plays at once (which can get really mean if all of the Bionic Patrollers are out). Worst of all: no built-in destroy condition save for the Blast Doors.
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