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Nexus of the Void

  • Hero Support: Yes (Eternal Timbre, Jade Estuary, Slumbering Serpent)
  • Hero Disruption: Yes (Void Slave)
  • Field Damage Modifiers: Yes (Eternal Timbre, Taiga Burning Bright)
  • Villain Acceleration: No
  • Hostile Targets: Yes (Devouring River, Magma's Rage, Reclusive Keeper)
  • Indiscriminate Field Damage: Yes (Ember Dunes)
  • Alternate Loss Condition: No

The Realm of Discord is one of my favorite environments (and also one of the few I lack a physical copy of) but it can also be pretty punishing for heroes who just want to walk in and go nuts with whatever, not to mention heavy on the bookkeeping with the energy planes. The Nexus of the Void is a slightly more calmed down version of it, as well as a reference to the very excellent good game Spirit Island which you should all play. If you just want to explore incredibly crazy wild parts of the land, this is a pretty excellent place that will keep you on your toes.

Good Strategies:
  • Damage Type Versatility: Curiously, many of the biomes in the Nexus of the Void care more about the type of the damage they deal than the raw quantity. Additionally, it tends to favor some of the more common types that heroes have access to, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it does mean that heroes who deal more unconventional types of damage might not be as effective here as their companions.
  • Healing: Ordinarily, for damage-focused environments, I'd just as soon recommend damage reduction, and that's not a bad idea here either. That said, with the Savanna Nocturna amplifying healing and the frequency of lowest-HP-targeting attacks this environment has, you may just be better off putting those efforts to keeping your entire team hale and hearty. Even better is if you have healing that isn't just restricted to hero targets, to get the Slumbering Serpent up to speed. Best of all is if you're careful enough to maintain even HP totals so as to capitalize on the Jade Estuary and avoid the Phosphor Fen.

Bad Strategies:
  • Ongoing Dependence: There's only one card in this deck that curtails hero development, but the Void Slave is VERY good at doing it. Playing environment targets isn't a huge deal since most of them are fairly reasonable on the whole (I'd argue that Devouring River is the scariest, and even then it isn't too bad if the villain has lots of dudes to go for), but the severe lack of them means that the Void Slave is pretty much just Lady Luck, but for playing ongoings instead of destroying them. Not great! (At least she also punishes villain Ongoings.)
  • Solo Villains: There are a ton of attacks in the Nexus of the Void that prey on the weakest cards in the field. Against someone like Progeny, those will invariably be the heroes. If you have lots of potential foes to face, though, then suddenly the environment is going to help you out in incredible fashion against them, with Devouring River, Reclusive Keeper, and many Biomes doing plenty of damage to them on your behalf. (Just be mindful of the damage boost from Savanna Nocturna.)

Notable Cards
  • Shifting Biomes: There are a ton of Biomes in the deck, but for the most part they will pop in and out and you won't get to do anything with most of them. Shifting Biomes, however, lets the Nexus of the Void mix and match Biomes. By default, this will only have two of them at once, which will probably only last a turn. However, if you can somehow play this card outside of the environment turn, then you could get three out, or more. It's mostly a thought experiment since the biomes don't really have any stackable benefits to them, though.
  • Slumbering Serpent: The Spirit cards are all alternate versions of existing characters from Spirit Island, but this one is the most important for how it can help the heroes. Unfortunately, it takes a LOT of time for the Slumbering Serpent to build up, and it's hard to maintain its effect. If it actually gets to full health, though, then suddenly you have a very powerful attacker on the environment team helping you out. This is a great case for bringing non-hero healing if you can!
  • Taiga Burning Bright: Remember how Magmaria was important because of all of its damage being fire-type, which meant lots of heroes could get around its biggest threats by just using that damage type? Same deal here. Absolute Zero, in this environment, almost wants to bring an environment deck control specialist around just for this card, but even then it's a fun one for many heroes to have. Also worth noting is that this Biome totally removes the damage immunities of the Void Slave by making it impossible to deal its damage types.

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