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Maerynian Refuge

  • Hero Support: Yes (Squall Guard)
  • Hero Disruption: Yes (Superheated Waterspout, Torrential Monsoon, Unexpected Microburst)
  • Field Damage Modifiers: Yes (Maerynian Lightning-Dome, Stormspeaker, Hurricane Shield, Torrential Monsoon)
  • Villain Acceleration: No
  • Hostile Targets: Yes (Leviathan)
  • Indiscriminate Field Damage: Yes (Softball-Sized Hail, Hurricane Shield, Torrential Monsoon, Unexpected Microburst)
  • Alternate Loss Condition: No

OblivAeon comes with five environments, as opposed to merely two to four as every other expansion has done before then. There's a reason for this, but we'll ignore that for now and just focus on covering them. The Maerynian Refuge is basically just "what if Tempest was an environment deck". It's a fairly helpful place to be, but it can occasionally be dangerous for the team if you aren't prepared to help it out in turn.

Good Strategies:
  • Protecting Maerynians: There are a lot of different keywords in this deck, but the Maerynians within it provide the largest amount of protection from the worst of the deck, while at the same time providing cheap and powerful area attacks to destroy anything you don't like. Y'know how in theory, Dok'Thorath Capital can be really helpful by just having loads of Freedom Fighters shooting enemies for you? This is what that's like, except it actually works.
  • Single-Target Damage: Usually, if you're bringing a damage dealer, you need to consider whether they excel in hitting single targets (Ra, K.N.Y.F.E., Chrono-Ranger) or at field-wide attacks. The Maerynian Refuge will eventually get three Squall Guards out, and they will handle the area attacks for you with absolutely zero problems. Bring damage dealers who can take down beefier targets fast, rather than layering on even more area damage.

Bad Strategies:
  • Sensitive Villains: Do not fight The Dreamer here. Do not fight The Matriarch here. Basically any villain who will punish you for spraying attacks indiscriminately will get much, MUCH harder in the Maerynian Refuge, because the Squall Guards are plentiful, survivable, and very, very indiscriminate. And that's without taking the Weather Effects into account, because those will also sling damage all the hell over the place.
  • Glass Cannons: It's not a huge thing here, since there's three Stormspeakers who will keep the worst of the Weather Effects at bay. But still, most Weather Effects deal a significant amount of damage, to say nothing of Leviathan coming out and turning them all into massive damage boosters on an irreducible area attack. You don't have to be cowardly, just don't forget to at least maintain a LITTLE defense.

Notable Cards
  • Leviathan: This Tempest nemesis gets stronger the more Weather Effects are out, and their area attack hits heroes and Maerynians alike with irreducible lightning damage. That is pretty bad. However, the Squall Guards will fight him too, and the longer he's out, the more he'll destroy the very Weather Effects making him so dangerous. Still probably don't leave him out for long, of course. Nobody wants to take 7 irreducible damage as an area attack.
  • Stormspeaker: So as you all know, I hate environment cards that lack any way to destroy them outside of an explicit environment-destruction effect. But the Stormspeaker makes the many Weather Effects that can frequently be very bad for the team significantly more tolerable. The disruptive effects are frequently contingent on the damage they deal, which the Stormspeakers can reduce, and the Stormspeaker can destroy Weather Effects pretty much every turn. Eventually, they'll start accelerating the environment deck this way, but that's usually a good thing with how many helpful cards are in it.
  • Plavu'Col Capital: Speaking of environment acceleration: how would you like an accelerator that only puts good things in play? Okay, that's not strictly true since it also plays the Submerged Aqua-Dome, which isn't great since it punishes power uses. But seriously, 1 cold damage? That barely counts. Plavu'Col Capital is just icing on the cake when you factor in how helpful the bulk of the cards it looks for are. I think you can tolerate one hard-to-destroy moderately annoying card coming up every now and then.
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