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That makes a lot of sense. Maybe since there's been some months since he gave me the novel - he had only finished it about a month before, so he was still riding high - I can ask him again what kind of feedback he really wants. I took a fair amount of notes that I could condense to something actionable. Or I can just leave it at, "Good effort. Many people start writing a book but not many people finish one."

And yeah, I don't think he'd debate any of the finer points. I think he'd just be depressed and would lose a bit of faith in himself, the expectation and the reality not meshing as well as he had probably hoped. The story isn't complete schlock. He does some interesting things, like his dwarf playing against type, but he has a long road if he really means to produce good prose.

At least I have some places I can go when he asks about it again. Thanks, guys.
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