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Originally Posted by Ghost from Spelunker
I got this Starbucks Cake Pops kit as a gift. So the only way I can enjoy this is to get my own egg and oil AND I have to bake it myself and get a bunch of dishes dirty. I can't tell if I'm being ungrateful.
Originally Posted by Brickroad View Post
They are not. You get cake goop all over your hands and the frosting is a bitch to work with and thank god they are delicious because otherwise the whole ordeal would just make you hate cake.
I finished that recipe and I'm afraid the cake pops of this brand are nowhere near delicious. The cake started out tasty, but then adding their butter vanilla frosting turned it into sugary plastic. And then the melted white confection drops for frosting added a second layer of plastic flavoring for a full plastization.

And it only took several hours to make because I had to keep putting things in the refrigerator for them to harden the sticks, but the sticks can't support the cake pops in any way (but I will admit it always takes a long time the first time you do any alien recipes).
AND it got a ton of dishes dirty.
AND it only made 12 cake pops the size of golf balls
WHEN I could have been baking anything else (Like an entire plastic-free cake)

But the good news is now that this is out of my pantry I can make cupcakes like I wanted.

The only positive thing I can say is that I did get a laugh at the instructions to melt the confection drops in 20 second intervals in the microwave. Could you imagine actually following that?
*Microwaves for 20 seconds
*Opens microwave door
*Grabs potholder
*Checks edible plastic byproduct with a spoon
*Puts back in microwave and closes door
*Plastic has cooled down back to original temperature...
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