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I was waiting for the small yet feverish TAR fanbase to come into the thread.

I'm also not too keen on some of the all-star choices, though it isn't a terrible cast. I think they decided to focus on teams that basically got screwed (Amanda/Kris, Justin/Zev, Mel/Mike - none of these teams bug me) in their respective seasons. Still, no one from last season should be there (Gary and Mallory? Really?) and no one who clearly went "Ugly American" should be around as well. (Jamie and Cara, please get eliminated quickly.) I know there's supposed to be drama, which is why Kisha/Jen and Margie/Luke are back...but am I the weird one who'd rather just see a bunch of good teams race instead of fight?

Then again, I'd also like the challenges to be difficult again - but that's clearly asking too much. Still, it should be a good season.
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