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Originally Posted by MCBanjoMike View Post
Thanks for the responses, folks. I've seen The Wire on a ton of these "Best of TV" lists, and Breaking Bad seems to be gaining a lot of respect as well. I've already watched 2/3 of Arrested Development (and I'll definitely get around to the rest some day) and I've been interested in Mad Men for a while now, but the subject matter of The Sopranos is a bit less interesting to me. One concern I have is that, for now, I'll be watching these shows on my old SDTV. My understanding is that The Wire isn't even filmed in widescreen, so that would make it a good choice for this job, whereas I've heard that Mad Men is filmed very well and I'd rather get it on Blu-Ray. Where does Breaking Bad fall in this sort of continuum?
All of those shows are great (although I'm still gearing up to watch Breaking Bad - I'm admittedly late to that one) but seriously:

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