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I died twice to the boss of the dancing girl's scenario. Halfway through my second try, I think I figured out what I should have been doing instead. If this is the difficulty setting they're going for, I like it. It's definitely the Bravely Default people.

But the boss battle is after a long cutscene that you can't skip, and you can't really quickly button mash through it either because it seems like the game wants to load the voice samples before every line of dialogue. So instead of trying it a third time I just quit, for now. If they want to make a challenging game, hopefully cutscene skipping is implemented in the final game, or at the very least they make it easier to button mash through dialogue. (Or, you know, just enable saving immediately before a boss battle or just straight up retries... They put a save point right before it, so the only difference would be whether you have to watch the cutscene or not...)

Relative to a Kawazu game, the writing is much clumsier/melodramatic/more standard modern JRPG. Instead of short allusive snippets that tell you just enough to be intriguing, you get extended melodramatic sequences explaining things to you. (Kawazu of course has melodramatic content, but this has a much more melodramatic presentation/dialogue/direction.) This approach is probably more marketable, but I prefer Kawazu's relatively lighter touch for this type of game. And Saga Scarlet Grace has been pretty much the main game I've been playing since January (on the 4th/the only remaining protagonist scenario, still loving it), so I'm not exactly starved for Kawazu, personally.

Similar to Bravely Default, the towns are much emptier than they look. A lot of doors are basically just menu screens to buy stuff, for example. This makes me happy, although I know other people will find it disappointing. I think 16-bit games hit the sweet spot of JRPG town sizes, where there's a relatively manageable number of NPCs to talk to.

Otherwise, I mostly like it so far.

There's no skill learning at all in this demo, so who knows if they're doing sparks or just standard skills at level up or what.
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