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Originally Posted by SolarLune View Post
Eh, I'm sure it'll make tons of cash, but it doesn't look like anything too special. The art's great, and I'm sure it's fun, but I've played "FPS with abilities" before, and it can work out really poorly.

Balance issues arise super easily when you have such a wide variety of skills and powers, and it's not like there aren't enough FPSes in the world. A third-person perspective would have been slightly more interesting to me.

EDIT: And I don't know, but it looks like they missed out on the potential of the concept and trailer. I kinda thought it was going to be something like an action variant City of Heroes with the "The world could use more heroes" line, but it's just a straight-up FPS. If they gave you the option to make your own hero, it'd be more unique, I think.
A few people have expressed similar sentiments, and while I understand them I'd just like to mention that Blizzard's skill has been taking what's already been done and changing the way people think about it.

I mean, if you get reductionist, very little of what they've EVER done has been on-it's-face impressive looking. Compared to other RTSes of the day, Warcraft and Starcraft look at first glance to just be another one of them. Compared to other MMOs of the day, WoW looked at first glance to just be another one of them. Hearthstone just seems like yet another MtG competitor at first glance.

And yet all of them manage to carve out an impressive niche and advance what was originally thought to be possible with their respective genres. They pushed the goalposts further, and in many arenas other developers are still trying to catch back up; there's other games that are better in one aspect or another, but there's very little out there that's better as a whole package, or is as important for their genre as Blizzard's own work.

Overwatch looks from the videos to be a fairly typical team shooter. But canned videos never show the whole story, either. At this stage, both the visuals and the described design intents interest me greatly, so I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this. Most of my dislike of competitive gaming is the feeling of inadequacy compared to the rest of the team, and wanting to emphasize roles and actions that are more then just shooting the other guys before being shot yourself means more playing and being able to contribute. It's the same reason why I'm looking forward to Splatoon, even though it's also a competitive shooter.
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