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This and Splatoon are really in the same boat for me. As a rule, I just do not play online shooty-shoots, but these both look really fun and creative and novel. In this case, I have to wonder how much of it is just the aesthetics reminding me of Sentinels of the Multiverse, which I'm still really digging way too much these days.

I was originally going to say the weird upbeat superhero look and being-an-FPS make it really not seem at all like a Blizzard game. Then I watched the second trailer and yeah, OK, aside from just blatantly throwing in a dwarf, ghost, and Diablo 3 monk, there kinda seem to be two fixed, asymmetrically balanced teams here. Plus that one robot seems to basically be a humanoid siege tank, and I do love me some siege tanks.

Plus I have to say, this ripping off a lot of the art style of The Incredibles works a whole lot better than TF2 doing the same. It works for cheesy superhero stuff, and is really just kind of an odd fit for army dudes shooting each other.
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