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The Haunting of Deck Twelve: Neelix tells a ghost story to the Borg Kids which may or may not be true (it's true). Fun episode. Neelix works well as a babysitter, turns out, though Naomi's absence here was weird.

Unimatrix Zero 1&2: Better season ending two-parter than the last one, at least, though this continues Voyager's de-fanging of the Borg. Being assimilated used to be a big deal that was almost impossible to get out of (see Picard's instance of such in First Contact), but now it seems all a Drone has to do is sneeze funny and they wind up creating a weird sort of virtual social media for other Drones to participate in when regenerating. Janeway decides she really wants to help Borg Second Life and gets herself and a few others assimilated (on purpose, nbd (seriously it's kind of strange how easily they wave off being assimilated considering it involves an invasive procedure with bits of your body being hacked off (it's kind of disturbing))) and they wind up having to destroy Borg Twitter but not before freeing all its occupants from the hive mind and starting a bit of a Borg Civil War. Janeway and the others are de-assimilated later (again, nbd). Favorite part of the episodes was Jeri Ryan getting another chance to stretch her emoting muscles again.

Imperfection: All the Borg Kids, sans Icheb, leave Voyager because I guess the writers couldn't think of anything more for them to do, it's taken care of in the cold open too, it's just kind of strange how quickly it happens. Oh well! As for the actual episode, one of Seven's implants starts degrading rapidly and with no way to fix it she comes face to face with the prospect of dying. Some good scenes here of her facing her own mortality, and her place in the crew. The resolution is a bit simple, and easy, but appropriate.

Drive: Tom enters the Delta Flyer in the Space Indy 500, and there's also some stuff about a peace treaty and a terrorist plot or whatever, but mainly this episode is about his and B'Elanna's relationship and whether or not they break it off or go all the way. They get Married. Also yet another failed relationship for Harry, I should've been keeping count of those.
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