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Originally Posted by Kirin View Post
Admittedly FFXIII-2 is a left-field choice that I picked partly to inject some iconoclasm into my FF selections, but man, acid jazz in my Final Fantasy? Hell yes it works. There's other good stuff in there too, plus it gives Hamauzu a look in.
I was actually considering voting FFXIII-2 as well. I'd at least put it on the same level as Nier Automata. In the end I decided to vote for FFVI instead, though, as I remember pretty much every single track of FFVI, but can't even recall a single one of FFXIII-2 (I only remember some of the songs having nice singing).
I also put FFVIII as my second favorite, because in my list I favoured OSTs I like of games I don't like (I wanted to counter my personal bias to make the list as objective as possible).

Originally Posted by Thraeg View Post
22 Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean The True Mirror
Hey, we have the same favorite Baten Kaitos track!
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