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  1. FF6 "Omen"
  2. FF9 "Melodies Of Life"
  3. Mega Man 2 Dr. Wily Stage 1
  4. Mega Man 1 Cutman's theme
  5. FF14 "Heavensward"
  6. Super Metroid "Planet Zebes (Arrival on Crateria)"
  7. Dragon Quest 8 "Overture"
  8. Valkyrie Profile "Epic Tale of a Holy Death"
  9. Super Mario Bros 3 "Overworld Theme 2"
  10. Super Mario Bros 2 "Overworld Theme"
  11. Super Mario Galaxy "Stardust Road"
  12. Professor Layton & The Curious Village "Don Paolo's theme"
  13. StarTropics "Crediti Roll"
  14. Chrono Trigger "Delightful Spekkio"
  15. New Super Mario Bros "Athletic Theme"
  16. Sonic The Hedgehog "Green Hills Zone"
  17. Full Throttle "Legacy"
  18. Bayonetta "Fly me to the moon"
  19. Warcraft III "Dark Agents (The Calm)"
  20. Starcraft II Wings Of Liberty "The Deal"
  21. Trine "Main theme"
  22. Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero "Dance Through the Danger"
  23. Okami "The Sun Rises"
  24. Steamworld Heist "The Stars"
  25. Dragon's Crown "The Dragon's Crown Legend"

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