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Originally Posted by onimaruxlr View Post
if it wasn't for the fact that Mark Millar is dumber than a sack of hammers (and licks goats).
I find Mark Millar more inconsistent than impossibly stupid. I liked The Ultimates a whole lot mainly for the cues it took from The Authority, but Wanted and Ultimate X-Men were very hit-or-miss for me.

When I'd heard he was writing Civil War, I was more worried than interested, because on his off days (about half of Ultimate X-Men), he could churn out a lot of crap that seemed to be done "just 'cause," with dialogue that was more about characters one-upping each other instead of actually talking to each other. Civil War ended up being all right, but I do think a lot of the decisions that went into it were all about shock value (Spidey revealing his identity, "Thor") instead of being done in the name of good storytelling.

I mean, people were shocked when Beast died in Ultimate X-Men, and it actually hurt. But when Gambit decides to take on Juggernaut in a fistfight and also dies, it just felt completely unnecessary, like a major character death was thrown in just for the sake of having somebody die.

This is my problem with Mark Millar. Also, Wanted was too pretentious even for me, and I like openly pretentious stuff. It felt like an indie comic that was trying too hard.
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