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Originally Posted by Sven View Post
Honestly? I can kinda see chocolate hummus working, presuming you go easy on the garlic. Tabbouleh's (sure, Google, we'll spell it like that...) basically peanut butter, after all.
I assume you mean tahini (sesame seed paste) and not tabboouleh (salad of bulgur wheat, parsley, tomato, & lemon)?

The big thing that sets me off it is that I assume there is sugar added? Sweet and garlic do not mix.

If it's unsweetened chocolate, then maybe it would be ok?


Originally Posted by pudik View Post
The bigger problem is probably the tahini but most chocolate hummus I've ever seen in the wild doesn't include tahini at all and really at that point it's not hummus so idk.
I don't think the tahini would be a problem. Chocolate halva is a popular thing, after all.
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