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Ticket to Ride is a game about graph theory. And it does a good job with that and makes it pretty fun!

I don't really think it's thematic. I mean, there are a lot of pictures of trains around but the game itself has very little to do with building train routes. I think Agricola matches its theme better and we all know how I felt about the theming of that one.

Anyway, I have played a lot of Ticket to Ride. As mentioned, depending on the board, it can be anything from multiplayer solitaire to cut-throat decisions of when to grab routes in and out of cities. I tend to prefer the latter method of play and thus think the best way to play is American board with 1910 expansion, big cities variant.

Looking at my list, though, it looks like I voted for the Europe version? I really like the short route / long route dichotomy in that and how going for the 8-length connection is a strategy unto itself. It also has stations so you aren't completely screwed if someone take all routes into and out of a city. The rest of it is kinds of fiddly - requiring wildcards for certain routes and tunnels adding a random risk don't really do it for me anymore and unlike America 1910 w/ Big Cities, it doesn't guarantee that players will be using the same parts of the board.
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