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#83 Vagrant Story 87 Points, 3 Votes

Vagrant Story is as infamous for its inscrutable gameplay as it is admired for its gorgeous aesthetics and deep story. They say if you don't get it, you'll never like it, but if you put in the time and truly understand its multifaceted systems, you'll love it for life.

I guess I'm not too surprised about this one, but it does have an extremely devoted following on TT.

#59: Hotline Miami 117 Points, 4 Votes

This is a travesty.

#55 Skies of Arcadia 121 Points, 5 Votes

So close, yet so far. BEAT already said all there is to say in this thread.

Funnily enough, if BEAT had submitted a list, this game and Hotline Miami would most likely have placed.

#53: Minecraft 123 Points, 4 Votes

Minecraft is one of the biggest phenomenons of the decade. Not just in gaming, but in general. It is everywhere the way Mario was 30 years ago. The limits are your own imagination (and your ability to conserve resources if you're playing survival mode). I'd link to some of the crazy stuff people have built with this game, but you've likely seen them all already.

It does feel like a top games of the century list without Minecraft is missing something, but here we are.

Anyways, that's all for today. See you tomorrow for the actual Top 50! Now if you'll excuse me, Life is Strange didn't place either so PB and I are going to go get drunk now. Our beer will be garnished with the bitter tears of disappointment.
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