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I spent a long time poring over what I should put here, and I finally decided on posting a few games that really surprised me by not making it. Starting with a game that nobody voted for:

#506: Super Meat Boy 0 Points, 0 Votes

Super Meat Boy is a tough-as-nails Indie Platformer with a delightfully sick sense of humor.

This game is not one of my favorites. I can see the appeal, it's a fun game. What shocked me is that it did not get one single vote. I expected it to show up here and there, maybe even place. Nope.

#87: Final Fantasy XIV 82 Points, 4 Votes

Final Fantasy XIV is a wildly popular MMORPG. After the middling success of FF XI and a horrible rollout for the first version of this game, Squenix got on the ball and reissued an almost completely rebuilt game appropriately subtitled: A Realm Reborn.

There's a pretty large and vocal FFXIV subcommunity here, but alas, not enough of them turned out for this contest.

#86: Mega Man 9 83 Points, 3 Votes

After seemingly being consigned to the dustbin of VG history, the Blue Bomber returned with an adventure that many ended up considering one of his finest. Inticreates scaled back from the more indulgent 7 & 8 and returned to Mega Man's roots.

This one really surprised me. The praise for this game was so universal I thought it might show up on more lists. I guess you just never know.
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