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Default Part 4, Act 2

It's now August and our stock is falling again.

November. The Express is just outside Boston, and a freight train's about to hit Providence, so that dip should turn into a mountain soon enough. Meanwhile, that rise in our rival's stock is a bit distressing...

Looks like he's finally brought his game, or at least made enough money to buy another train. He's making far less in passenger revenue than us but more than double what we're making on freight transit, which means mail transit since that's literally the only other thing he can haul. Of course, we've only just inagurated a dedicated mail train that has far more ground to cover.

The Percy Express didn't have to go through customs when it arrived in Providence, but it does when it arrives in Boston. I'm going to kick up the dividend while we're waiting t-

Oh, there we are.

On the sixth day of Christmas, my railroad brought to me~

A whole shitload of money~

(This looks like a scripted event. Pretty fortunate for us!)

1851's performance. We're a bit slower than last year, but only because I haven't splurged on double track yet. I don't think we need to hire Garbe again unless we need another 4-4-0.


On with the new year then.

Our credit is good enough to grab a second bond that has a one percent lower interest rate than our current bond! Woo!

haha yeah okay

You receive half the purchase price when you sell industries. We're not using this farm enough to keep it in the green, so it's outta here.

2,000 more shares later...

Yeah, that's more than enough.

We're finally connected to Worcester. Laying track and building the station only cost us a laughable 196k - and an update twice as large as any of the previous ones so far. I think next update we'll get around to routing trains, connecting the wood and iron up north and building any needed stuff in our stations. Suggestions and questions are welcome as always.

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