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Default Part 4: Wooster Booster

Worcester it is! But we need money to get there, and we don't have as much of it as we probably need.

We have just enough to build to Framingham, though.

Since we can only take passengers, mail and milk from here (it's too small to demand anything other than what the industries demand), we'll route our produce train to do that as well as act as a mail service between the two bigger cities on our main line. I put down a post office in Framingham and at the Providence Junction so the mail can stay in storage longer, meaning we'll have longer to wait before it disappears, probably to be sent by horseback.

You'll notice I'm using a different cargo flag. Train #3 is taking mail from Providence, then dropping by Framingham to pick up more cargo to deliver to Boston. The yellow flag in Framingham means the train will not deliver the mail from Providence to Framingham, but instead keep it on the train. I could deliver it if I wanted to, but since it would pay extremely little due to the utter lack of demand, I don't want to.

I'm not entirely comfortable with three separate trains sharing one main line. But I don't want to take out another bond to pay for double track just yet, seeing as we're paying 59,000 dollars a year in interest on the one we have already. And that's not to mention the dividend.

Besides, it probably won't be too bad. Let's get these trains rolling!

After I lower the dividend by 17k due to low funds, of course.

Shortly after unpausing, I realized I wanted the Percy Express to go faster, so I boosted the throttle. The train will now go slightly faster, but the breakdown rate is increased by slightly less than a percent. It'll be worth it because more speed = more revenue. What's a slightly higher chance of a horrible accident when there's more money to be made??

As the Percy Express blazes it down the line, Jay Gould proves my prediction of his behavior right by fucking around with our stocks.

I could buy up more of our stock, since my purchasing power is now good enough, and the dividend combined with the rising value will cover my debts, but I'm pretty sure a 2-for-1 split will happen soon which by the way is a thing in this game. This will basically preserve the total value of the stock while making individual shares cheaper, which means I can buy up more of them.

Jay, meanwhile, went into debt to buy our high-valued stock immediately.

...a couple of months later and our stock value has actually dropped. The express hasn't reached Providence yet, which would likely boost the share price because earnings are tied to stock performance, but I'm going to go ahead and buy some anyway.

There we are. Buying on margin is usually a good idea if the stock's going to keep rising, although here it jumped up in price due to my purchase. Usually this means buying your own company's stock, because you're in control of your own railroad and you're probably smarter than the AI when it comes to keeping shares up with better profits...and other means as well.

Not quite 88, but still respectable.

This happens when there's not enough money left in the coffers to reasonably pay the dividend rate you set.

We can still keep paying the reduced rate for a little while, but if we had to keep running into the red, we would have to stop dividend payments entirely.

As it is, we can raise it again. I'll put it at 34k.

While we're cooking the books, I'll hire a better manager. The better the railroad performs, the higher caliber managers we can choose from, and I'm liking Strong here.

You'll notice I'm pretty much stealing passengers from under our rival's nose. (Two carloads, to be specific. The third car is grayed out because it's empty. It's usually better to quickly deliver some passengers than wait around for them if they're not there already.)

That's not hard to do when his only train is still waiting for passengers because those two houses will only produce 0.5 each per year because he couldn't place a station properly. I know this is 1998 AI, but come on.

Spying on looking at his books, he hasn't made a single delivery this year. And Rudolph Diesel is his current manager. You know, the guy who lowers a company's stock (which can be useful if you want to buy some on the cheap) and gives good discounts for a type of locomotive we won't see for about a hundred more years.

He could have started in New York City. He would have been a real thorn in our side then. I highly doubt he'll be able to get there. The only thing is that if the company goes bankrupt and he resigns with enough seed money to start another company, he could find a better position on the map. Some scenarios restrict bankruptcy claims and the ability to resign, but the briefing didn't mention either.

One other thing that's also restricted sometimes is the ability to build track anywhere on the map; if that's the case you must build one contiguous network. That's not the case here. We could actually build a station in New York and start laying track in the other direction if we wanted to, and it's certainly a decent option after we connect Worcester. The only thing is that we'd need to build two new stations instead of just one.

But whatever, one step at a time.

Periodically, towns and cities will offer bonuses like these. Even if one of these places is a bit out of the way, the reward money is good to cover a medium station or a small station with an expansion or two. Let's just see wher-


Well...we could cross the bay with an ocean span. They're the only type of bridge you can build across ocean tiles as opposed to river tiles. They're quite expensive: just laying track to Newport in one direction would cost a couple hundred thousand. Ocean bridges aren't in the vanilla game, either, so if I were playing that version we wouldn't have any choice in the matter.

One house and yet another textile mill isn't worth an expensive bridge. Not unless you people say so, but so far you've displayed remarkable focus towards the scenario's goals. Go TTeam!

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