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So this shouldn't come as any surprise, but there were a couple superheroes that got more different books nominated than any others...

Honorable Superhero Mention: Batman
Honorable Superhero Mention: Superman

DC's iconic light and dark pair are in one hell of a lot of books. So just to keep things consistent here's some extra books for 'em the didn't break into the 50:
  • Batman: Knightfall, 1 mention, 10 points
  • Batman: Mad Love, 1 mention, 16 points
  • The Dark Knight Returns, 3 mentions, 20 points
  • The Long Halloween, 2 mentions, 38 points
  • Batman: Year One, 3 mentions, 47 points
  • Man of Steel, 1 mention, 13 points
  • Superman: Secret Identity, 1 mention, 15 points
  • Superman For All Seasons, 2 mentions, 20 points
  • Superman: Red Son, 2 mentions, 21 points
  • Superman: Birthright, 1 mention, 23 points
  • For The Man Who Has Everything, 2 mentions, 26 points
  • Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?, 2 mentions, 46 points

... and that wraps it up for supers with four or more books in the voting list. I wanted to do this little prologue because if each of these characters had their votes collected into single entries, they would have crushed the top end of the list. I didn't do it that way because it didn't seem fair to lump the work of numerous authors and artists and wildly disparate creative visions together into a single lump. But at the same time I wanted to recognize the enduring popularity of these characters in our voting pool. Meanwhile we'll definitely be seeing a few of them again in the list proper.
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