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Yeah, I put Amazing Spider-Man on my list as a general entry. In fact, it's my only general long-running superhero franchise on my list.

I know that as a full thing it could be as bad, if not worse, than most other superhero comics at their worst, but as a whole thing, I tend to engage with the series general attitude and the fun of both the character himself and his trials and tribulations.

It also has the best supporting cast in superhero comics. I love that Flash Thompson treats Peter like shit (in the early series anyway) but not only LOVES Spider-Man but sees him as a personal hero. I love the tension that Aunt May's anti-Spider-Man stance causes. I love JJJ. So much.

But of course, I love the lead character as well. I feel like a lot of what Spider-Man is had been done before, like an introverted guy with an extrovert alter ego, but Spider-Man did it so well (and again, the nature of the supporting cast and how most of them had unique dynamics with both Peter and Spidey help. I love that he can... well, just be a jerk sometimes. Because sometimes even good people get jerky.

There are so many different superheroes I super-love but for just a series, this is the one that HAD to make my list. And no amount of clone saga or nonsensical deals with the devil or the Green Goblin boning Gwen Stacy (what the fuck, JMS?) can change that for me.
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