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Holy fuck, issue #11. That's nuts.

So, I think it's pretty clear that Ananke is a villain now and potentially was the whole time. I'm guessing she framed Luci. And that she purposefully set up Baphomet to go for a kill.

Now, the Laura/Persephone stuff is interesting. First of all, what a fucking brutal few pages. Give your main character everything she's ever wanted and then immediately kill her for it. George R.R. Martin and Joss Whedon have nothing on Kieron Gillen.

But the stuff about there being a thirteenth god is weird. It feels like Ananke only made (or found) Persephone just so she could kill Laura. Like, she purposefully gets her to perform before killing her, just as she indicated to Baphomet. Is Ananke trying to kill gods to get their life force for herself? Maybe.

And as usual, Matt Wilson killed it with the colours. I really hope he wins the Eisner.

As for casting, I think you're right, UUDD, about mostly unknowns. Heck, I'm not aware of any Japanese trans actresses and that's who they'd need to go with to get Cass right, so there's one unknown at least. However, I've got one major hope: Dame Judi Dench as Ananke. She'd be perfect. It feels like McKelvie even modelled the character after her.

Also a bit disappointed that the thread's not called 1-2-3-4 (I'd been meaning to do that for months) but this is a good one too.
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