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Originally Posted by Octopus Prime View Post
If I were to recommend any one book, it would be the third Essential Fantastic Four volume, besides being aged to perfection Lee/Kirby, it's also got two of the most famous FF arcs and has Reed and Sues wedding, which am very well be the Craziest Damn Comic I Have Ever Read.

Seriously, it has a blind man hijack a semi-truck full of nuclear weapons from a group of terrorists and crash it into a whale as a minor plot point and is by no means he most insane thing to happen in those pages.
So, when does FF stop being awkwardly sexist (or is that "get less awkwardly sexist")? I mean, I knew Sue didn't have her force field powers right away, but there was this issue that had the FF answering fan mail, and the complaint that she was a token female came up. It was both hilarious and cringe-worthy at the same time, as they fiercely defend her by bringing up all the times she helped them out while they were saving the day, and Ben literally says "if you want to see women fighting all the time, go watch lady wrestlers!" I mean, their heart was in the right place, but wow...

And then the next issue, which is not a(s overtly of a) fourth-wall breaker, has them discussing how they're gonna take down the Hulk, and Sue's saying how she doesn't think she'll be very helpful. General Ross reassures her by telling the superhero that she can help by keeping up the men's morale. Her teammates basically say "yeah! That nice gentleman is right! See, you can be helpful!"

I mean, I've read plenty of Silver Age Spider-Man, so I wasn't totally unprepared, but I thought a woman superhero as part of the core cast would make more of a difference.

With that said, I am enjoying how off-the-wall and experimental the stories are, and Stan's lovable wacky dialogue can really shine with a team of heroes to play off each other.
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