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Originally Posted by Falselogic View Post
How did we not have one of these already?

ALT: How did I miss the old one?

Anyway, question:

How do you feel like a book club for TT?

I read a lot of books and sometimes I really want to have somewhat meaty discussions about them. The "Watcha Reading" thread moves too fast for that or it doesn't move at all.

Please note this Book Club will not be a team effort. I will name some books each month that are in my queue and people can say they want to read that or not, I'll pick the one most people respond to or seem to care about, unless I pick something completely different. Why is it this way? Remember when you had your senior group project in High School and in order to guarentee you got a decent grade you ended up doing the whole thing yourself? That's why. They can drop in and out of the Club, see?

Is this an idea worth pursueing or am I crazy(ier)?
Remember when I asked this whilst creating a superfluous thread? You should cause I just quoted it!

Well guess what?! It's happening!. Go to the subforum and scroll down to the bottom of the screen. See my name in the bottom right hand corner?


So, there's going to be a Talking Time Book Club! Modeled after the fun club we have for video games. It will begin next month (August 2013) I will be creating a thread for nominations.
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