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Originally Posted by Beta Metroid View Post
So, I've been watching Avengers: EMH on Netflix lately, and it's put me in the mood for some superhero comics. In particular, I've always enjoyed the concept of the Fantastic Four and the characters when they appear elsewhere, but I know next to nothing about their series. Can anyone recommend me the best of the FF?
If I were to recommend any one book, it would be the third Essential Fantastic Four volume, besides being aged to perfection Lee/Kirby, it's also got two of the most famous FF arcs and has Reed and Sues wedding, which am very well be the Craziest Damn Comic I Have Ever Read.

Seriously, it has a blind man hijack a semi-truck full of nuclear weapons from a group of terrorists and crash it into a whale as a minor plot point and is by no means he most insane thing to happen in those pages.
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