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Yeah, sounds like you're the right demographic! I probably only really heard about it by poking around his website after not seeing any new posts for a while...? I've decided to follow his Patreon to keep up to date on what he's doing.

Fair warning, though, this isn't Apocalyse World But About Mobile Frame Zero. It's "Powered By The Apocalypse" in the sense that the games are "elaborations of Apocalypse World's moves, designed explicitly to treat your conversation as the medium of play", but it doesn't have playbooks, stats, moves as such, 2d6, any of that.

Bonus content: I got to talk to Mia Schwartz (of We Know The Devil) this past Pax East, and it sounds like her upcoming game, Heaven Will Be Mine, has a lot in common with Firebrands. Which made me that much more excited to play both things.
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