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So, I've played a couple of games of Mobile Frame 0: Firebrands and, friends, it is truly something.

It's about a group of mech pilots on different sides of an evolving conflict, dueling and arguing and flirting and firing barrages of missiles at each other. It's very, very simple to pick up and get going. The overall rules are very brief, character creation involves reading a bit about your faction and writing a few words on a card, and each player has a copy of all of the remaining material they might need to reference.

Essentially, what you do is go around in a circle, taking turns. On your turn, you pick a "game" (a type of scene) and a partner, you both turn to that page in the rules, and then you play out that scene. Games are things like A Discussion Over Food, A Dance, Meeting Sword To Sword, A Tactical Skirmish, Stealing Time Together....

The games themselves are also very clever. Typically, they involve the participants making a series of challenges and responses back and forth, based on a list of possibilities. So, for instance, a swordfight might go something like this:

Austace: We circle, sword tips touching. What do you say to me?
Baile: "I'm sorry you were able to catch me. I had hoped I wouldn't have to kill you." Suddenly, I thrust and you barely turn it; a fraction slower and you'd have been cut through. Does it exhilarate you or chill you?
Austace: It exhilarates me - I laugh involuntarily as I twist away. But immediately I launch a sustained attack with my weight behind it. Do you give ground readily or grudgingly?
Baile: We don't have much room to maneuver, here - I make you fight for every inch of ground. But in my eagerness to force you back, I overreach slightly and you have an opportunity to slip in a dirty little cut. Do you take it?
Austace: No, but instead I catch your wrist in my hand and draw you close to me. Do you let your sword drop, or do you shove me away and fight on?
Baile: I let my sword drop - and it's my turn to pick the next game, right? I say the two of us are Stealing Time Together!
Also? It's kinda hot.

I'm working on an adaptation to try out with my friend where instead of mech pilots you play as Gems (with the serial numbers filed off) fighting over Earth, where each character type gets different lists of questions for each game - say, a Warrior might win fights with shows of incredible force, whereas an Ornament might win by cleverly taking advantage of an opponent that underestimates them.

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