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As I mentioned, I'm going to slip a few 32-Bit games in, although I don't know if I'll have access to all of the eligible games I had in mind. First of, though, is a game that I thought for a long time I thought was a third party release. You could easily look at the main character and assume he was from a Disgaea game, or the Silhouette Mirage universe. Nope, it's all Sega, and has been basically forgotten after its initial release. It's awful US box art surely hasn't helped, though.

Game for the week of 07/17 to 07/23:

Released: 1995
System: Sega Saturn

I kind of have always thought of Astal as the Japanese Rayman. No other games looked quite like them, and few games were as lush looking and colorful as they were. I remember liking Astal far, far more. The original Rayman was always very difficult to make progress in (and despite having saves, had limited continues), and I thought it mainly coasted no the quality of its look and art. It was eclipsed in quality by its sequels, though.

Maybe if Astal got an awesome 3D sequel, it might be relevant today. It never got a re-release, a remake, nothing. Maybe also it was just underwhelming sales-wise for its budget for Sega. Apparently they hired TMS to animate the intro animation.

Also, Lani Minella did the voice acting for all of the characters. So yes, the voice of Bubsy and Bubsy 3D, and Astal, are the same voice in the U.S.
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