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More Ardy Lightfoot Thoughts:

I like the overworld transitions. Not the most impressive stuff out there, but it reminds me of Super Mario RPG's overworld.

I'm not sure if the bouncing controls get in the way with the jumping controls or not. The game has variable jump heights (hold jump for higher heights) but the jump button is *also* the bounce button. And to bounce, you have to release jump after hitting the ground (perhaps just before landing works too, but I'm not 100% sure). There also seems to be a point of no return where you haven't landed yet but it's too late to start a bounce.

Unfortunately it's just one too many functions and timing windows for one button. Ducktales had two buttons for this task --- bounce and jump --- and it was simpler: you held bounce to keep bouncing forever without more inputs. Just having those separate buttons makes it a lot easier too. Ardy's system works, but it's aesthetically inferior to me.

Are there games with pogo-bouncing where you have to press a button for each bounce like Ardy, but you get separate buttons like Ducktales? Or perhaps a game with one button, but where it buffers your bounce or does something else to make the timing easier? I think that would cross the threshold back into a fun mechanic for me.
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