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I'm one session into Ardy Lightfoot, in stage 2. I'm finding it finicky so far. I think I used a continue in the first screen where the town is under attack, since I was trying to defeat the enemies and, like you said, they aren't easy to hit. Enemies running into you despite your best efforts reminds me of the occasional screen in Kirby games, but there aren't the same kind of powers here.

Since it wasn't mentioned yet: when standing still you can hold up to become invincible. Ardy pulls out a mirror-like object that makes him invisible. I used this against the first boss to dodge the rocks. This didn't leave a good impression because it removed my interactivity for the rock attack and yet for all the simplicity I've reduced the boss to, he still took a few more attempts than I felt he was worth. The short window to land safely after getting a hit doesn't feel appropriate for such a basic boss pattern.


I also finished giving Aero 1 and 2 a fair shake. I actually ended up spending many more sessions with Aero 1 (on the SNES) than Aero 2. At first I gave up on Aero 1 within minutes, but Aero 2 didn't hook me after a few levels so I found myself returning to Aero 1 to actually make some progress there.

The more I understood the controls and mechanics the more enjoyable it got, especially getting confident with the screw attack. The game feels unfair when you can die in one hit from so many things, but that tension was also a reason to keep trying with greater effort.

Eventually I made it to the second world and I think I'm calling it quits there. I don't think I had beaten the first boss before, so that was nice to accomplish. I definitely remember those later stages in world 1 giving me trouble long ago.

I'm much more interested in the better GBA version now, but the SNES version was the one I knew from back in the day so that's why I stuck with it.

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