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Originally Posted by Andrew View Post
I liked Okami-Den a lot, even if my hand didn't by the end of it. Although I think few people here liked it.
It was a charming game for one run, but it was insanely talky and the battle system was largely just passable and the endgame was such a soul-crushing slog I had no real interest in playing through it again.

Also (PLOT SPOILERS HERE), I don't give a flying fuck if it's one of those "I know you're in there somewhere" moments, you do not beat a puppy to near-death in a cutscene and not expect me to hold it against your game. Especially not when it's to get through to a possessed companion I knew all of an hour or two, and ESPECIALLY especially not when I just mauled the crap out of another traitorous companion who I was with for like 1/3rd of the game with no problem.
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