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I like PG immensely. They release a lot of great games, a lot of good but flawed games, and maybe only one game I'd call bad (Turtles). Yes, I didn't think Korra was all that bad. They worked under Activision and made a downloadable games (likely with a low budget) that was instantly the best Avatar based game. You've got to admit that's at least a bit impressive.

They are one of the industry's bright spots. A Japanese developer bringing wild, creative, slick-feeling and playing games. One of the last Japanese developers who actually matter.

They arguably have been in a bit of a rut, as it seems like lately all they do is release Yet Another Platinum Action Game to the point that they feel like Telltale, but with long cutscenes replaced with cutting giant robots in half with katanas. Or like Grasshopper/Suda51 with a grasp on competent game design.

Still, even among those games, they had their own identities. Rising is still Metal Gear as hell, with funny (and thematically appropriate) cutscenes and codec convos that goof on the MG universe. Transformers is one of the only times when a loot-driven game appealed to me--I replayed that game over and over with multiple characters until I hit a difficulty brick-wall I couldn't crack (Magnus). Nier looks fantastic from what I've seen. It already looks like I will like it far more than the original game.

If there's a common thread I would say their games generally have fantastic core mechanics, but often suffer due to limited, repetitive, or weak level design.

Originally Posted by conchobhar View Post
What does that matter? Bloat doesn't retroactively become tight and considered just because there's no (well, one) follow up, and I'd be hard-pressed to believe Okami was deliberately designed to be a "full" and exhausting experience because no sequels were expected.
I think Okami is a fantastic game. I'm playing the HD version now, actually, and 14+hours in I am still having the time of my life. I don't remember how far I got until it started to get repetitive, but I think beating it on PS2 was 40 hours for me.

The parts of Okami that are really good are longer than most games released now. So even if the tail-end of is is far inferior--that still makes it more inviting than Final Fantasy XIII. :P

I do think Okami gets a lot of spite-love from some people, though. It was released in very close proximity to Twilight Princess, also known in some circles as The Worst Zelda Game. EVEEEER for a while. So there seemed to be a lot of internet arguments that championed it as an underdog over its obvious inspiration.

Oh, and despite it Clover/PG having nothing to do with it, I liked Okami-Den a lot, even if my hand didn't by the end of it. Although I think few people here liked it.

Anarchy Reigns seems to have gotten no love here. Ah well, can't blame anyone. After that scant few weeks where it was actually possible to get a bunch of good multiplayer matches together online, there was only single player left. Which is a weird spinoff to Mad World with an amazing soundtrack.

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