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Originally Posted by ArugulaZ View Post
Wow, I had a doozy of a dream earlier today, proving that I have a severe case of Mega Man on the brain. Okay, for some reason, Mega Man was inside a shopping mall that had been converted into a makeshift hideout for Doctor Wily. He eventually encounters a boss; a large machine with a mysterious canister floating inside it.

Thinking that it would give him the upper hand, Mega Man dons golden armor with a flowing tail and ponytail that makes him look like a cross between Snake Man and Mega Man X. In true Mega Man 9 fashion, the armor only looks cool, quickly draining the blue bomber's life energy. He switches back and gets the machine down to its last few bars of energy.

Then Roll appears out of nowhere and stops the battle. She approaches the damaged machine, reaches a hand inside the cylinder of light masking the identity of the canister, and pulls it out. "This isn't Wily's brain in a jar," she shouts. "This is just a can of green beans!"

Mega Man stares dumbfounded for a second, then lets out a bloodcurdling scream of frustration that can be heard for miles.
That's pretty great.

The other day, I kept waking up every hour or two. Each time I fell back asleep I'd have a dream about being at work. Not about anything bad happening at work; just being there doing mundane things. I had six mini-dreams about working. On my day off. It sucked.

A co-worker said she had a dream about me the other day. Apparently some customer came in and gave my friend a hard time and she bitched her out. And then later she saw me walking with this same person. I told her that she was my girlfriend, and she explained that my girlfriend was the bitchy customer. And apparently I told her "I know. I never heard the end of it. She's a total bitch sometimes." right in front of her.

The funny thing is that I could actually see this happening in the real world.
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