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Originally Posted by Sheana View Post
Sounds intruding on your unconscious mind can bring interesting results. The sputtery, old sprinklers in the courtyard outside my apartment that go off between 1am and 5am once resulted in Ghost Rider writing me a traffic ticket (the sprinkler sounds turned into a pen scritching on his ticket pad).
I remember having a dream when I first got my alarm clock. I was in one of those mega-malls, you know the ones that are kind of their own town, and it was deserted, and I could hear a siren in the background. I wander around trying to find this siren, and then I thought, "wait. Maybe that's my new alarm clock. I should check." Snapped wide awake, and yeah it was the alarm clock.

Although that's nothing compared to my parents. My dad tells me he had this game with mum where he'd start having conversations with her while she was sleeping, and he'd be someone in her dream. If he said the wrong thing, she'd get confused and wake up.
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