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Man of Steel was a largely well made movie that did not display any understanding of its main character.
I was more pissed about Pa Kent being turned into a paranoid moron than anything necessarily wrong about Superman in that movie (well, except for the fact that the Zod fight should've been more about Superman saving people than a punchup, but you kinda know what you're getting out of a Snyder movie). Shit, it's been, what, 27 years since he executed a Zod proxy in the comics?

I know the goal was to make Jor-El look more important, but... no.

Also: we don't need a Flash movie now. WB needs to stay the FUCK away from Flash and let the TV series work its magic.

(Suicide Squad struck me as a very good idea for a more-or-less standalone movie, however. You can hint that the villains have history with heroes we may not have necessarily seen yet, but it's a concept that's easily explainable to anyone without any background knowledge. I presume Viola Davis as Amanda Waller is all-but-guaranteed since the GL movie and hence Angela Bassett's version has been retconned out of existence?)
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